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Introduction: Cosy Feet for Everyone This Winter

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Ok so it's cold outside, maybe even a little snowy where you are? (and yes of course it's raining in London!) But that's no reason to stay indoors right?

What if, before heading out, you could all put on warm shoes and have cosy feet? Fresh air on your face, toastie toes in your shoes.... mmm lovely.

You can make this little bit of magic happen super easily - by attaching hooks on a radiator with Sugru for everyone's shoes! Here's a little video to show you...

Because Sugru is resistant to such high temperatures, it will never melt like other glues, and because it sticks so well to metal you'll have a great strong bond for as long as you want it. And it's removable, so you can take them away again in years to come, if you ever need to.

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Step 1: Attaching Your Hooks

This is a simple 5 - 15 minute project, depending how many hooks you want to attach. Once you've gathered your hooks and have chosen your radiator, you just need one single use pack of Sugru for each hook.

Here's a short video to show you the 4 steps:

Step 1: Roll your Sugru into a ball in your hand

Step 2: Stick your Sugru onto the back of the hook and build it into a pyramid shape.

Step 3: Press the hook firmly onto the radiator until some of the Sugru squidges out around the edge. (feels nice that bit!)

Step 4: Shape and smooth the Sugru with your finger to get a nice finish.

Top tip: You can use a little soapy water to get a really nice smooth finish. More Sugru tips and tricks here

That's it you're done! In 24 hours the Sugru will turn into a strong and heat resistant rubber.

Step 2: What Kind of Hook Will You Use?

If you think about it, anything can be a hook! Choose lovely hooks in the DIY store or browse online, or maybe even turn your collections of stones or driftwood into hooks. It's up to you :)

And the hallway is just the start. What else would you like to be dry and cosy? Slippers in the bedroom? Tea-towels in the kitchen? Bathrobe in the bathroom? Who wouldn't want that? :)

Got another idea to use this? Awesome, let us know in the comments!

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