Cottage Plaque and Coat Hooks

I had cut a block into lumber and had these 3/4" pieces left that had bark on them so naturally I had to do something that would show off the bark

Step 1: What I Did

Sorry about the lack of pics, but this is pretty self-explanatory anyway. When I was cutting the block of wood into lumber, I had 2 nice 3/4" pieces with too much bark to be able to do much with them so I just planed and sanded them flat. For the plaque I used my computer printer to print out "Welcome to Our Cottage" (text size 200), then used packing tape to hold it down to the board. With my router and box bit set at about 1/8" I traced/routed out the words. I used natural finish with just a little dark walnut mixed in, brushed it on then wiped off right away to highlight the lettering then sprayed satin finish polyurethane to seal. For the coat hooks, I cut out the hooks from another board, sanded to 220 grit then predrilled, countersunk and used 1 1/4" screws to hold them on. A couple coats of polyurethane and they are done



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