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Introduction: L.E.D Clouds

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These are very simple and somewhat easy to make if you can handle working with chicken wire. The end result is nothing short of magical and they can be used in everything from special events to home decor.

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:

1" Chicken wire

Polyfil bulk 25lb box

Spray Paint Rustoleum 2X

Spray Adhesive

Fabric Fire Guard spray

L.E.D. strip lighting

Steel snips

Step 2: Create Cloud Forms

Unroll your chicken wire and let it relax for a little bit. This makes for an easier experience in handling it.

There are many ways to go about making these shapes. You can form them into actual cloud shapes. You can make general round shapes, cylindrical shapes, even rectangular shapes. It just depends on the installation itself. A good place to start would be to try and reproduce the general shape of a cloud, starting with a cylindrical form that you then bend and pull in different areas. Chicken wire is a weird thing that can sometimes take some getting used but that's ok because we are using polyfil! Once applied, the cotton will cover any flaws in the chicken wire shape bringing nothing but fluffiness to the form.

Using the snips, simply cut a section depending on the size you desire. You will end up attaching these end to end and using the cut chicken wire to close in on itself. If you have difficulty with this process, you can use zip ties. Start bending and attaching until you get the desired shape.

Step 3: Apply Polyfil and Paint

I bought a 25lb bulk box of Polyfil from Joann Fabric and Craft store but you may not need that much if only making a few clouds. I was making 20 of them, so it only made sense to buy so much.


Pull polyfil from bag and lie out on a flat surface, spreading out evenly.

Spray adhesive to polyfil in a section the same size as one side of the chicken wire form. Place form on top and press together until bonded. Do this to the next area and simply start rolling the form into the polyfil. Missing sections are as easy as spraying extra fabric and sticking to wire, filling in where needed.

Once polyfil is adhered, spray a light coating of spray paint all over until your desired look is achieved, In this case, I went with pink as I originally made them to attach to branches for cotton candy trees. Later I rearranged them to serve as cotton candy clouds.

I prefer the Rustoleum 2x spray paint because it has amazing coverage.

Step 4: Safety First

If you plan on using these indoors, spray them with Fabric Fire Guard. You can find this product on Amazon Prime for $18.


Step 5: Illuminate & Enjoy!

I am using color changing rgb strips, purchased from Amazon. It is a little over 16ft long. They come with remotes for programming fades, color sequences, flashing and more.


With one end of your cloud open, simply string the lighting through and watch the magic happen.

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I love this and am thinking about making one for a grad night event, but I want mine to be about 20'long 10'tall and 5'wide. any tips you can give me would be great. I have a ton of questions. What is the biggest one you made? about how much polyfill did you use per cloud or based on the size of the cloud? With a larger size cloud do you think internal support is needed? How heavy are they(depending on size of course but in general like say...a 5'x3'x2' weigh....???) How did you install them or support them in the installation? If you lumped all yours together how big would it be? would it be best to do 3-5 smaller clouds and just situate them so they seem one big piece? sorry for the million questions and advice would be great.

This is great! I am thinking of making one with Teens for the local Library. I can't wait to post pics :)


1 year ago

Amazing work love the
concept :D :D

I have a question about
the adhesive spray and the way you applied it

I'm trying to make one but
it doesn’t seem to stick to the chicken wire

Do you have any recommendations?

1 reply

You can add a cheesecloth/cotton scrim layer between the polyfill and the chicken wire. It adheres well to both :)


This is awesome,and an inspiration. I will be making a giant mushroom cloud for Halloween next year. I'm thinking Fallout for my front yard...

1 reply

Love it! I think I'm going to make this for my sister for Christmas! Thanks for the easy instructions! This is explained very clearly and well. Thanks! (;

Great designs! Would you mind if I used the premise to build a few props out here in Seattle? I'm about to build version 2.0 of a radio control power chair with a big cloud over it.

4 replies

Ha! The unique sentences only prop builders utter. Thanks

tag you're it!!!! no tag backs... now go and tag someone else on this
website and see how far this game of internet tag goes..... :-D have
fun!(passed on to me by someone else so there....)

Of course I don't mind. That's why I put up the Instructable :) Please share when you're done. Would love to see!

1 reply

Oh wow thats great! Yeah i ran into issues trying to control them from below. Thanks!

Super cool! I want one in my room now! :) Do you think you could use it like a pendant hanging lamp and put a regular bulb in it...or would it get too hot? Anyway, great job, I love it!