Cotton Swob and Cotton Ball Holder!

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Step 1:

What you need: shot glass,

Step 2:

Cotton swabs,

Step 3:

Water bottle/glass,

Step 4:

Cotton balls

Step 5:

Put cotton swabs into shot glass

Step 6:

Put cotton balls into glass/ bottle

Step 7:

Put shot glass through top of glass/bottle ( make sure the shot glass isn't too small. If it is, get a bigger shot glass or a smaller glass.)

Step 8:

Good job! You have just made a space saving bottle! (This is great for people with newly pierced ears.) thanks for watching. Please follow! New crafts and DIYS almost everyday!!!



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    3 Discussions

    Dawww it turned out so cute! Definitely handy for those with new piercing, and it's such clever design. Thanks for sharing!