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Introduction: Counterfeit Billycock

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This is how i made a Counterfeit Billycock form TF2. In TF2 this hat is for the spy class and as the spy you can disguise as the other team, when you do to your team it looks like you are wearing a mask similar to the one on the hat, so, the hat is a spy!
Also this is my first instructable so constructive criticism and questions are welcomed.

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Step 1: Materials

To make this hat I used:

Cereal boxes (2)
Thin poster board
Black cloth (I used fleece because that is what i had on hand)
Printed picture (see step 9)
coat hangers (2)

Hot glue
Hot glue gun
Sewing machine (with black thread)
white chalk or crayon
Wire cutters
Sewing tape measure
Hat that fits well

Step 2: Hat- the Cylinder

First take your existing hat and measure the inner band (mine was 23 inches).

Then measure your cereal box length wise to figure out how much it will take to get 23 inches (or whatever your head measures).
Mine was two slightly trimmed side panels yours might be more or less.
To attach the panels take a strip of cardboard and glue it over the seam. Do the same thing to connect the other sides making a cylinder.
Now take the cylinder put it on your head and bend it so it stays in the slight oval shape of your head.

Step 3: Hat- the Brim

To make the brim place your cylinder onto the poster board and trace it. the add two inches and draw another circle, the cut it out.

Step 4: Hat- the Top

Start the top by making about 20 cardboard 'L''s. when you have done that glue 8 of them to the inside top of your hat (pic. 2).
then trace your cylinder onto the poster board and cut it out (this will be the top). glue the top to the little L's

Step 5: Hat- Wrapping the Cylinder

Take your fabric, lay it out and wrap your cylinder in it. Mark the spot and cut the fabric so you will have a rectangle about two inches taller and wider than your cylinder (if your cylinder was a rectangle of cardboard still)sew a seam up one side so you have a cylinder of fabric. Now take the hole from when you cut the top out lay it over the fabric and trace the oval. cut about one inch around the oval and pin to the top of the fabric cylinder. Sew the top to the cylinder  cut off the excess. turn inside out and slip onto the cardboard it should be tight and the seam should be in the back.

Step 6: Hat- Sleeving the Brim

Fold your fabric in half and trace the brim of your hat onto it. pin the folded fabric together and cut out the brim trace leaving about half an inch on the outer edge. sew along the outer line. cut off the excess.

Step 7: Hat- Attaching the Brim

Glue the rest of your cardboard L's onto the bottom of the hat as shown then glue the brim on. Now turn the brim sleeve inside pout and slip over the brim. hot glue the loose side to the brim on both the top and the bottom.

Step 8: Hat- the Band

cut a strip of fabric one inch tall and about two inches longer than the circumference of your hat. glue it along the seam of where the body of the hat meets the brim.

Step 9: The Mask

First download on of the two files, they are the same picture(the hat on the mask) but one is a word document and one is a gimp file so choose which one works for you. Print out the picture and glue it to a panel of your second cereal box. Cut a rough oval as shown in picture 3.

Now for the coat hangers. First cut the tops off. Next unbend them. Now shape the around the hat and stab them through the mask. Finally bend them back (pic. 7) and trim (pic.8).

Step 10: Done!

Now go wear your hat to conventions or just around town and see how people react.

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