Counterfeit Money Pen

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In this Instructable i will show you how to make a counterfeit money pen like the ones you can buy at like Walgreen's.

Step 1: Materials

For this pen you will need:
1. A Crayola Color Explosion marker or any marker that doesn't have color( dry markers don't work)like invisible ink pens. If you don't have one, get a highlighter, dissect it and rinse out the reservoir.
2. Iodine tincture first aid antiseptic, you can get this at any drug store
3. a syringe and needle ( be careful!) you can get this online or by bribing your doctor
4.And of course, MONEY


Now you need to syringe about 2-3 mL. of iodine into the syringe. it may take a little while, so be patient!


Now just syringe the iodine into the color explosion pen nice and slowly. When you can see iodine ooze out of the marker tip, wait for it to get absorbed and repeat.

Step 4: Done!!

Now get some cash and make a little X. if it turns amber brown it real. if it turns black, well your screwed!

If you want to know how this works, go to were i got my motivation for this project.



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    9 years ago on Step 1

    Counterfeit pens of any make or model are not accurate at all. Don't believe me? Ask a Secret Service agent (the Secret Service's first and foremost job is not guarding the President, but combating the counterfeiting of United States currency.). A more accurate way is to find the red and blue fibers on the bill. If these fibers appear raised, the bill is probably real; if not, the bill is probably fake.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Good idea. It would have been nice if you could have explained why it works in your own words instead of a link. Does iodine stain or was that mecurichrome stuff I am thinking about?

    5 replies

    May sound sketchy but your local halfway house or "first step" clinic should have a clean needle exchange program. They'll give them to you for free. *They will here in Canada*


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    I think you can get syringes with slightly thicker hypodeemic nerdles in those kits you get to refill ink cartridges. You might have to fill the marker from the non-writing end but they should work- the one I had was under 1mm wide (but still way too thick to inject, say, people with).


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    . Iodine does stain and so does mecurichrome (Merbromin). Because of the Hg in mecurichrome, it is no longer available in the US.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    I found out a couple of years ago that if you spray regular paper with a polish of some sort that it prevents the ink from soaking in (makes regular paper look like real money). So if somebody were to counterfeit money, just spray the paper in polish. After a break-in period, the bills would not be shiny or anything.