Country Bedside Tables Get a Glamorous Makeover for Our Master!

About: There is nothing I love more then making something new and usable again that someone else would have thrown out or torn down!

Intro: Country Bedside Tables Get a Glamorous Makeover for Our Master!

So, awhile back I mentioned to you guys that we had decided to move the head of our bed to the east wall of our master bedroom. So I’ve been in the process of moving our headboard, fixing the holes left behind from the headboard on the wall and fixing the floor caused by the awful steel wheels of our bed frame. We LOVE having the bed in its new position but it created a real problem for us, before Joe’s bedside table was also his dresser and my bedside table was my grandparents’ old washstand I gave a makeover to but neither now would fit. In fact I was left with less then two feet on either side of the bed to work with!

I’ve also mentioned (MANY times) how I keep working on our new bed frame. I am literally right there beside the finish line of completing it but the weather has been an issue – honestly I just hate having to do anything when its freezing outside and our driveway is a literal ice scating rink right now. Why does this matter when my workshop is in our basement? Because the plywood and the rest of the 2x6s I need to finish the frame are in the garage and I will also need to cut them in the garage and I hate my skill saw. So, that’s gonna wait until I know I’ll be able to keep my fingers from freezing for at least half an hour. In the meantime I found a couple little bedside tables at a thrift store for only $25 a piece!

Step 1: Prepping for Paint and Using Rustoleum

First I got out my sander, you can see they were already in pretty bad shape (probably from 20 years of people setting wet glasses on them) but I still needed to hit them pretty hard to remove all of the glossy finish and give my paint something to adhere to.

Under all other circumstances I would have used acrylic spray paint – two coats of primer, two coats of black and then brushed on a coat of gloss poly acrylic. However, this is a basement meaning: there is little to no ventilation down here and we also LIVE above this basement so spray paint is a NO. Besides that I always seem to have a surplus of Rustoleum lying around. It is my go-to heavy duty paint around here, I used it on all of my doors and multiple other places. Why? Because I know it will absolutely cover ANYTHING and be there forever. The old doors I’m painting have multiple layers of very old oil based paint on them and instead of stripping them I simply reached for Rustoleum. It works.

The thing about Rustoleum however is that it is not like normal paint and takes some getting used to. It is also ridiculously expensive and I would NOT have used it here had I not already had some on hand. (Like I said I would have sprayed these tables instead.) It is VERY thick, imagine painting with black glue that sticks to everything and you’ll have a good idea of what you’re getting into with this stuff.

First coat always looks like hell and then BOOM second coat and it is just gorgeous. I also like that, because it is so thick, it leaves a texture behind when you put it on with a brush that really reminds me of something old so, of course, it fits right in here.

Step 2: Completion and Adding Baskets for Storage

I did two coats of black Rustoleum (going right over those fake black “hinges” they have on their sides) and now I just love them. I think they fit right in and I can’t wait to show you guys are “new” master bedroom when it is all complete! First thing though I have to get that darned bed frame done! So keep on the look out, I plan on completing it within the next few weeks and then doing another master reveal!



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