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Introduction: Country Kitsch/Primitive Hanging Bird Feeder

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    Cool, got a link? I don't use Pinterest and wouldn't mind seeing how they came up with their design. This style of bird feeder is pretty common so I am not too surprised that other people would have came up with a ring/basket hanging method.
    I am just giving people the option to make it themselves for about $6 vs 35 for the mass manufactured one

    Thank you for the kind words. They are pretty easy to make and if i am not taking pictures I can knock one an hour out. The hard part was finding the bases as most of the farm and home stores had only 1 in stock. In the spring they should have more when they get chicks in.

    These are great! How well would it work if you drilled a hole in the bottom of the jar, and had a hanging hook protruding from the bottom?

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    You know I was going to do that at first. However with the way my jars were made it was too close to a mould line and I was worried about shattering the glass.

    If you have a solid bottom I don't see why not just go slow use cutting fluid and a diamond glass bit...

    These are really lovely! And you're right: this is a great gift idea!

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    Thank you. I'll let ya know how they are received after their recipients open them next week.