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When we moved 13 years ago from a rental flat to our bought house where we live now, my wife and I wanted to design the house in a nostalgic style. And, however this house is relatively new (from 1976) we are pretty happy with the cosines we created indoors.
One of the first things I made, even pre-made it in a little workroom in the flat, was the kitchen. I tried to take Mexican, traditional Dutch and Mediterranean influences and mix those up in a sturdy, robust looking kitchen.
As a base I used larch garden 7x7 cm garden-wood poles (has a very good moisture resistance). and combined it with panels made from the leftover pine flooring we used in the living room.
The big old-fashioned porcelain sink I bought online as well as the Beech top at another shop The top I had pre-sawn in the factory, hoping it would fit the right way over the sink, and gladly  it did.
For about five years the most left part with the curtains, microwave and gas  cooker wasn't there. We had a little fridge on which the cooker stood. Later we bought a bigger refrigerator and another microwave so I had to lengthen the counter and top. The wood is standard and can be bought cheap at the home improvement stores here and I had a piece of pine table top that I used for the work top.
I took me quite some time to get the right cane drawers that would fit and the big hinges I used for the door. The later I finally found in a French DIY shop when I was on holiday (I like that kind of souvenirs!)
The tap I replaced also a few years ago, There used  to be a very nice Bronze tap but that one broke, so we now have this one, with a `dish-shower´,  which is quite handy without a dishwasher and a big square sink (that doesn't belong in ‘old-fashioned’, does it? Besides that, washing dishes is my ‘Zen moment’ of the day, working meditation). We sometimes call the drawer beneath the sink our dishwasher, as we use this to keep the tub in.
All the wood is treated with oil, only the top I painted with lacquer after it got bad spots from moisture a few years  ago. As you can see there are some spots again so I have to redo it again. But he, that gives it character doesn't  it?



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    6 years ago on Introduction

    Wow, you did a great job on the counters! thanks so much for sharing your hard work and do have a splendorous day!

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    Dave Asunshiine

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you and you're welcome.The hardest work is done by my wive using the counter for serving a delicious meal everyday. ( It's not that I'm old-fashioned in man-woman roles but she just the better cook of us two, you have to no you're own weak points ;-) )