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I've started clipping coupons recently and found the regular book/plastic accordions weren't my style, so I used some of my misc stash, and some junk mail. Supplies are (cover) newspaper advertisements, junk mail, Bainbridge 2000 ruling mechanical board, UHU glue stick, awl, ruler, cutting mat, (text block) envelopes, embroidering floss, and wax. I'm going to label the flaps and title them according to the lanes in my grocery store, this way I know exactly which rows to go to, and I find grocerys and other things fast.



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    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    I'm just beginning, so I don't know many techniques. All I can say is to only clip coupons for the things you normally use, and not to get sucked into the mentality of 'Oh I haven't had that for a while' I seem to do that myself alot, and feel like its an impulse buy. Lol its not a good thing on a tight budget.

    As far as the coupon book organizing. I labeled my coupon book envelopes based on my grocery store isles. My reasoning is that the store bought preorganizeded tabs aren't logical for me. Though experience of watching my mom's coupon clipping days, she would send my siblings and I all over the store to find the item on the coupon. I've learned to shop isle by isle and with a list so I don't have to go back to the store for a missed item. It saves time, gas, and wear/tear on my car.
    Hope that helps. :)