Coven Charm

Introduction: Coven Charm

If you love American Horror Story like I do, you'll love this coven charm. I will be showing you how to make this easy Coven charm on AutoDesk.

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Step 1: Outlining and Extruding Your Heart

Once you open AutoDesk create a new sketch using millimeters.

First, start by making a shape of a heart type figure as shown above. Each arch that is added to the heart is about 10 mm outward. The diameter is 76 millimeters and 67 millimeters height. Then extrude by 10 millimeter outward.

Step 2: Adding the Middle

Sketch two parallel lines as shown above in the middle of the heart. Then extrude it by 3.5 mm outwards.

Step 3: Filling in the Top Half of the Heart

Use your creative skills and draw half a second heart with a ribbon.

Make sure your arches are connected to ensure it extrudes properly.

Step 4: Filling in the Bottom Half of the Heart

Do the same process as you did before to the bottom half of the heart.

Once your done extrude everything you've just drawn 3.5 millimeters outward.

Step 5: Adding Text

After you have extruded your heart go back to sketch and apply the words to the center of the two parallel lines. You can either apply text and extrude it inwards, or do each letter individually. I have decided to do each letter individually.

Step 6: Extruding the Letters

Once your done sketching the letters extrude it inwards 10 millimeters

Step 7: Printing Out Your Charm

Once your done save your finished work and print out your charm!

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    4 years ago

    Thank you


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I like American Horror Story but then it got weird.

    But I love the charm!!!!