Arroyo Grande Farm Stand

The following steps will guide you through the construction of the farm stand.

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Step 1: Step 1-4

1. Place wood floors on the base

2. Place sill plates on both sides of the base

3. Place posts on both sill plates

4. Screw the connection between the posts and sill plates

Step 2: Step 5-8

5. Place beams on the joists.

6. Place joists on the beams and use brackets to secure the connections.

7. Attach and screw c-channels onto the joists.

8. Slide in the sliding-panels into the 2nd and 3rd tiers.

Step 3: Step 9-12

9. Attach and screw the panels onto the 3rd tier.

10. Attach and screw the panels onto the 2nd tier.

11. Attach and screw the panels onto the 1st and 4th tiers.

12. Repeat steps 9-1 for the south facade.

Step 4: Step 13-14

13. Place wood panels on the roof joists and screw the connection.

14. Construction of the farm stand is completed.

Step 5: Photos of Model

Models of panel system and overall structure.

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