Cover Your Notebook With Pictures

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Decorate a notebook, binder, or folder and cover it with clear contact paper. A glue stick used to apply the pictures means no mess and no dry time!

I have made lots of these and they make great gifts.

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Step 1: Supplies

Notebooks, binders, folders, or scrapbooks
*Magic Cover or other clear contact paper
Glue sticks
Pictures from magazines or any pictures that you like
Larger piece of blank paper

*Magic Cover is sold in rolls. Be sure to get the smooth clear roll, not the textured roll. I found it at a local hardware store.

Step 2: Glue and Apply Blank Paper

Blank paper is a good base, especially if the magazine pages you use to decorate your book with are very thin.

Use the glue stick to apply a layer of glue. Not too thick but be sure it is applied evenly. Watch out for globs of glue because they will look lumpy under pictures.

Step 3: Cover With Blank Paper

Place blank paper close to spine and smooth down. Paper will overlap. Open book and apply a thin layer of glue on the white paper with the glue stick.

Start with the top and fold paper over. Do the same for the bottom.

Fold the corners of the paper and then fold flap down. This covers the front of the book. Use same process to cover back of book.

This is the same steps you will use with the Magic Cover.

Now you can decorate your book- use glue stick to apply pictures.

Step 4: Tips Before You Cover

Have a clean workspace- the adhesive in the Magic Cover is a magnet for dust, glitter and hair.

Cover can wrinkle or fold back on itself. Cover in sections if needed.

Cover can be lifted to help smooth out wrinkles. If part of the art lifts off with the clear cover just smooth it back down.

The excess clear cover will fold over the inside covers.

Step 5: Practice

Practice to get the feel of clear cover. I covered an old folder with my art and Magic Cover.
Now it is strong enough to use everyday.

Step 6: Peel and Stick

Save the backing- stick pieces that you trim off on the backing. Save the pieces if you need to fix a spot.

Take your time to smooth down the clear cover.
Use the same steps used to cover the book with blank paper. Lift and smooth back down to minimize wrinkles.

Place finished notebook under several heavy books for a few hours to help cover adhere to the notebook.

Step 7: Faster Crafting!

These books were done without a blank paper base. More of the art was lifted off when I had to lift up part of the cover to smooth out a wrinkle but it was easily pressed back in place.

I hope you enjoy this craft.

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