Covering a Cake




Introduction: Covering a Cake

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Step 1: Turn Upside Down

Turn cake upside down so you have a nice flat top, cut a small vertical line in cake

Step 2: Cut Cake

Into three , put knife in the side and other hand on top of cake and use turn table to cut across evenly , make two evenly spaced cuts

Step 3: Filling

Fill with buttercream and jam , be careful to make sure the cut edges on cake match up , otherwise you may get a wonky cake

Step 4: Cover in Buttercream

Use a large knife or spatula to cover cake in buttercream , use smoother and turn table to turn cake round whilst smoothing sides

Step 5: Fondant

Colour and kneed fondant until soft , using a little corn flour or icing sugar to prevent sticking on work surface

Step 6: Roll Out Fondant

Roll fondant to shape of cake , approx 2-3 ml thick , keep turning fondant round to keep even width , use rolling pin to pick up fondant and place on top if cake .

Step 7: Smooth

Smooth with your hands and then use smoothers to smooth to fit cake, cut off spare icing , and continue to smooth using turntable to help

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