Convert Your Old Bulb Desk Lamp to High Efficiency 6W Super Bright 10,000 Lux ONLY for 20$

Introduction: Convert Your Old Bulb Desk Lamp to High Efficiency 6W Super Bright 10,000 Lux ONLY for 20$

The Old Bulb Lights use too much power and they overheat after a few minutes, they also can't produce much light
I will show you how to get rid of all these disadvantages and transform your device to a high efficient modern one in few simple steps

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Step 1: Get Your Things Ready

Buy these items from your local store
6ⅹ1watt power LED s
*1ⅹRectangle 6W LED Aluminum PCB
1ⅹ(6*9) Aluminum Heatsink(or any close dimensions to your PCB)
**1ⅹ18V 500ma Switching Power supply
***6ⅹPower LED Plastic Lens(preferably 60 or 45 degrees)
1ⅹSilicon Thermal Glue
1ⅹInstant Glue
A short piece of colored wire
* I strongly recommend the rectangular shape because it has a wide variety of heatsink choices
**I do not recommend power supplies from old devices because their output voltage is not regulated and the actual outputs are way different than the rated output and they can damage or burn up your LED s. I also recommend switching power supply because of its lower power consumption and less heating of your LED s
***The angle of the lens depends on your use. The Lower degrees means more focused beams and smaller lighting zone . For reading I recommend 45 degrees.

Step 2: Get Your PCB Ready

Solder your LED s to PCB with correct polarity
Solder your color wires
Attach the lenses on LED s
And We are Ready for next step:Attaching the heatsink

Step 3: Attaching the Heatsink

This is the most important part of this project, because power LED s without heatsink heat up so much, enough to burn your skin and themselves. So please pay attention to every detail and proceed with patience.
First make sure both your PCB and heatsink s are cleaned good and have even surfaces
no fingerprint,dust,oil etc
then make a small hole on the heatsink to pass your wires through
make another small hole on the other side of the heatsink so it will make the glue able to pass through and cover lenses legs and wire terminals.
Now it's time to glue the heatsink
glue as much as all aluminum side of the PCB is covered
now put the heatsink on it and leave it under some pressure(approx 3 Kgs)
and leave it for 3 hours to dry(the pressure is necessary for exiting air bubbles and improving heat transfer rate)
congratulations! your PCB is done!
Let's move on to the next step.

Step 4: Connect Your PCB to the Old Desk Light and New Power Supply

Cross the wires through the inner crossed holes of lamp base and solder them to the base terminals(not the input wire terminals) so that the on/off key of the desk Lamp would still function
*Attention:"Never try to solder the PCB to old bulb lamp base because it has the danger of being plugged into network electricity and cause real trouble"
Now connect the power supply to the main cable. Cut the old plug and new power supplies output connector
connect two wires together with proper polarity and solder(if you are not sure about the polarity, do test before soldering)
after that, cover the naked wires with heatshrink s and apply some heat until they shrink well.
Finally fix the PCB into the bowl using instant glue.
Done!!! Now it's time to Test

Step 5: Final Results

There we go...
the resualt is simply amazing
10120 lux from 35 centimeters
it has achieved from only 6 watts and 20$ this is crazy
the same lux on the market costs at least 124$
According to IES standards library needs 500 lux and it has to be measured from 80cms so I did so and got 2470 which is pretty much.
I'm pretty satisfied. This is bright enough to read smallest texts all day long and never get tired. And of course no overheating and energy wasting.
I strongly recommend building this.
And please feel free to comment or ask ANY questions on your mind.
Good Luck

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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, nice tutorial,

    can you provide some references / online shops about the used part ?

    As I did understand, you use some PCB, is there some Gerber file for it available ?



    The Modifier
    The Modifier

    Reply 4 years ago

    Hi buddy
    Thank you
    Sure, will give you the reference s
    this a link from eBay
    or you can easily search Google shopping for "power led pcb aluminum 6w"
    About the Gerber file,no I don't have it
    but if you couldn't buy it I can design the file and send it for you,the circuit is pretty simple. Just connecting 6 LED s in series
    the only important note is aluminum backside for transforming heat
    Share me the results please
    I will post the screen shot of eBay
    so you can search for other sellers if this one had finished