Cow Pasture Pool

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The name harkens back to the times when golf came out west and the cowboys thought that the green expanse of the course was better suited to run cows than knocking a little ball into a hole.

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Step 1: Clubs and Balls

To play CPP you need: A golf club, HiViz tennisballs, a competitor and some open parkland.

Step 2: Hit Them Far and True

Find a large outdoor area. Pick a landmark in the distance such as a tree, a large rock or a manmade object.

A tennis ball hit with a golf club will fly about fifty to seventyfive yards so pick a target 200 to 300 yards away to test your skill--you may pick a target where trees or rock formations may come into play.

When you are a club length away from the target--you putt. The player who putts out with the fewest strokes wins that drive.

Each target is a "Drive" three Drives are a "Match" the player that wins two targets wins the match. Play three matches to determine who is the "Champion of the Pasture". The COtP is then awarded the nearest cowpie.

Step 3: Play Safe and Be Kind to Nature

A few things to think about when you play CPP.

Be Safe.... Be Sure you are not hitting into people or animals.

When you play--play on open parkland or land that has been changed by human use. Do not play on delicate terrains or in natural areas.

Use a bottle cap as a tee to protect the ground and take a drop out of areas with thick vegetation.

A Ball hit into a cowpie gets a free drop.

Good places to play Cow Pasture Pool are on BLM and USFS land that is leased for grazing. If you see cowpies on the ground you are in the right place and you will literally be playing CCP in a cow pasture.

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    5 weeks ago

    This is great, my grandfather has cows so this is perfect for next visit to the farm.

    1 reply

    Reply 5 weeks ago

    just make sure there are no bulls in the pasture. thanks for the comment.