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Introduction: Cozy Cottage Crib Canopy

My daughter's toddler bed (converted crib) is located bewteen our bed, and a large window. So I wanted to come up with something that would keep her protected from any draft from the window, and also serve as something that was fun and interesting to her to keep her out of our bed and in her own. Traditionally one of the reason canopies were added to beds was to keep the heat in and the cold out, so I decided to go about making my own. And here it is, a Cozy Cottage Crib Canopy!

Note: this is not a suitable project for small babies/infants.

Step 1: Materials

- 2 old double bed size sheets (repurposing is great, you can find sheets for a few dollars at second hand stores)

- sewing machine

- pins

- thread

- iron

- scissors

- piece of paper (to make scalloped edge pattern piece)

- erasable marker OR dressmaker's chalk/pencil

- measuring tape

- a ruler and pencil

- ribbon OR double fold bias tape

Step 2: Measure Your Crib

Measure the dimensions of your crib.

Here were the measurements I used, but you can adjust yours to accomodate your crib. For each measurement I added 1" as seam allowance.

Roof: 55" by 32"
2 Long sides: 55" by 43"
2 Short sides: 32" by 43"

Step 3: Cut Out Your Pieces

Cut out your pieces from your two sheets of fabric. I cut out 3 pieces from the pink sheet and 2 from the flower printed sheet based on my measurements (adjust measurements to fit your crib).

Short side: cut 2 pieces 32" by 43"
Long side: cut 2 pieces 55" by 43"
Roof: cut 1 piece 55" by 32"

Step 4: Draw on Outline for Door and Windows

Using a erasable marker (or dressmaker's chalk) and a ruler, draw the outline of  the door and windows wherever you wish to place them. I placed my door 3" from the top and 4" from the left side. I placed my windows 4" from the top and 6" between them and beside them.

You can make your door and windows however large/small you'd like. Here are the measurements I used

Door: 21" by 17"
Windows: 9" by 10"

Step 5: Cut Out Door and Windows

Using your scissors, cut out your door and windows!

Step 6: Add Ribbon/BiasTape

Add your ribbon/biastape around your door and windows and pin in place. I used a sort of heavy duty type of ribbon since I like the structure it gave to the door and window frames.

Step 7: Sew on Ribbon

Now sew on your ribbon. I used a zigzag stitch on the inner and outer edges of the ribbon (see image).

Step 8: Create Scalloped Edge

Using a small square shaped piece of paper fold it in half and cut out a quarter circle shape. Open it up and you will end up with a half-circle pattern piece to use for your scalloped edge. The length of my piece was about 7 inches.

Place your scallop pattern piece about 1.5 inches above the edge of your fabric and trace around the top edge with your erasable marker as shown.

Repeat this process all the way down the length of your fabric. You will need 4 pieces 55" long, and 4 pieces 32" long to match the lengths of the upper edge of each of your walls.

Step 9: Cut Out Scallops

Once you have drawn a row of scallops you can fold your fabric in half to cut out two scallops at the same time.

Using these two scallops place them right sides together, pin in place, and sew a seam around the curved edge with a 3/8" seam allowance.

Turn entire scallop right side out and iron.

Repeat for remaining scallop pieces.

Step 10: Sew Pieces to Roof

A) Lay the door piece right side up, and place corresponding scallop piece along the top edge

B) Place the roof piece right side down on top of that, lining up the edges. Pin in place. Trim off any excess scallop. Sew along the edge with a 3/8" seam allowance.

You now have one side sewn onto the roof. Repeat with remaining 3 sides sewing them onto the roof with the scallop sandwiched in between every time.

Step 11: Sew Wall Pieces Together

You should now have one large piece like the image shown.

Now sew the wall pieces together by placing two walls edges right sides together, pinning in place, and sewing a 3/8" seam. Repeat for all 4 walls.

Make sure to zigzag or serge all the inside seams.

Step 12: Enjoy!

Now place your cozy cottage over the railings on your crib and let your little one enjoy :)

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    The Rob
    The Rob

    5 years ago on Introduction

    When my daughter is old enough I will have to do this for her, it is adorable.


    10 years ago on Step 12

    Awesome, I shall have to try this for my little one.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    Awwwww!  This is a really great project, and beautifully written up as well.  I'm only sorry someone else beat me to the feature!