Cozy, Wooly Hat




Transform a sweater into a cute hat. I had a sweater that accidentally went into the dryer and instead of trashing it I made something crafty!

Step 1: Cut and Sew

Since this sweater had a cute white stripe along the bottom, I wanted to incorporate it into the hat. I folded the bottom part of the sweater up and then measured from the fold.

To measure for the hat: take a measurement up and over the head, starting from where you want the hat to rest on your forehead and ending at the back of the head where you want the hat to end. divide that number in half and that is how high you cut to the top of the hat. For the measurement across, measure around your head, cut that number in half and that is the length you use.There is no need to allow extra for seam allowance because the fabric is stretchy and you want to sew this a bit smaller than your measurements.
Place the right sides facing together turning the folds to the inside. Sew around the edges. In fact, when you sew along the edge you should sew at least a half an inch or more in.

Step 2:

Turn the hat inside out again and add a little embellishment.



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