Crêpes With Lemon Blueberry Compote




Looking for a fancy, but simple, breakfast recipe? Don't worry, you'll love these simply delicious Crêpes with Lemon Blueberry Compote!

Yield: makes 6 cr

Step 1: Ingredients

- 2 eggs

- 2 cups of All-purpose flour

- 2 packets of vanilla sugar (or 2 tsp of vanilla extract)

- 1 cup of seltzer water

- 1/4 cup of canola, coconut, or vegetable oil

- 1-3/4 cups of milk

For lemon blueberry compote:

- 3 cups of fresh blueberries

- 3 tbsp of lemon juice

- 1/4 cup of white, granulated sugar

- 2 tbsp of water

Step 2: Crêpes & Compote

1. In a medium saucepan over medium to low heat, combine blueberries, lemon juice, water, and white sugar. Cook until compote forms a medium to thick syrup.

2. In a large bowl, mix all crêpe ingredients until well incorporated. It's that easy!

3. If batter is not milky enough and not at the right crêpe consistency (thin), add 1 tbsp of milk, and stir.

4. In a preheated medium skillet, pour about 3 tbsp of the batter, and cook on both sides for about 2 minutes until completely set.

Step 3: Top & Enjoy!

5. When crêpe is finished cooking, top with lemon blueberry compote and more fresh lemon slices. Enjoy!

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