Crabbie | My 1st Development Board

About: I enjoy creating 3D models of pcb circuits. I am a student studying Electrical Engineering. I will share some cool projects & try out a few.

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Circuit software. Hardware. Arduino Uno

Step 1: The Idea: Schematic

Introducing Crabbie | My 1st Development Board Arduino Uno compatible, will work with other programming microcontrollers. This cool crab shaped hybrid/shield development board was designed with kids K-5th grade in mind. The board features a programmable TQFP Atmega328P that can be used when shielded with the Arduino Uno or used as a standalone. On board includes two (2) 8 watt speakers, eight (8) 3mm leds, ISCP header, JST-1 battery connector, two (2) 7 segment displays, two (2) dip switches, one (1) IR sensor, one (1) hall effect magnet sensor, 6x6 prototype space, and a header for ESP8622 wifi connection. #iotDimensions: 167mm x 157mm

Out of the box kids can learn about binary & hex numbers using the dip switches to count up or down manually. The 7 segments can be programmed to count automatically. There is also a 14 pin breakout header to control each segment of both displays to allow full control of more than 128 states. The allows full creativity to give the development board facial expressions using segments as eyes. Play a tune through the speakers, build a weather station, a garden monitor and more! Program this board using Circuits on TinkerCad and the popular Arduino IDE. Unlock your child's creativity. Open source. Support this project.

Step 2: PCB Layout : Customized

Step 3: PCB Manufacturing

Now that the gerber files have been exported, they can now be sent to a manufacture for a professional product.



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