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I love Halloween, and I love Halloween parties. I try each year to come up with a unique party invite. This year it is the game of thrones invite

Two years ago it was the creature survival kit

and last year it was this "crack me" invite.

Everyone loves these invites, some I mail and some I had deliver. It is very expensive to mail (about $3) a box but people love getting mail ya know!

This site inspired me

Step 1: Stuff I Used

Below is a list of items I used and where I got them from

small box - I get a lot of my stuff from amazon

confetti eggs (cascarones)


black feathers

aged paper

the rest of the items I got at my local craft store (Hobby Lobby)

brown twine

red sealing wax

orange tissue paper

brown card stock


aged paper

Step 2: What I Did

The fist step I took was to print out "crack me" in a cool Halloween font on brown card stock and then glued it to the underside of the flap of the box so that when the box was opened you saw the words "crack me".

I then printed out my invite on the aged paper , rolled it and tied it with black ribbon.

I lifted the tissue paper from the top of the confetti egg and inserted the invite into the egg. I re-glued the tissue paper back over the top of the egg and then spray painted the entire egg black.

For the box I put in a half sheet of the orange tissue paper, and hand full of moss then the black egg. Added a couple of black feathers.

I then topped it all with another half sheet of orange tissue paper

Step 3: End Result

The end result was awesome!

After I put all the stuff on the inside I addressed each box with a quill and ink then tied twine around the box. I then melted some red sealing wax. If I hand delivered the box I gave it to people like that, if I mailed them I wrapped the box in brown Kraft paper and added address to the top of it and closed the paper with packing tape.

Everyone loved cracking these eggs.

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    2 years ago

    These are adorable! Halloween and confetti eggs are a great combination :)

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