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Introduction: Cracked Doll

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A very fun request! Hope you all enjoy. Tell me what you think, and subscribe to my youtube channel.

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Step 1: White

I started off with foundation on, then I took a white cream makeup mine is from the makeup forever flash pallet and I blended that into the foundation.

Step 2: Blush

Taking a few pink eye shadows from my BH cosmetics pallet I patted that onto my cheeks and a little on my nose.

Step 3: Nose

Using a brown eye shadow I contoured it to make it less pointy.

Step 4: Lips

I added pink lipstick onto the center of my lips.

Step 5: Cracks

Using black cream makeup from my makeup forever flash pallet I started the base of all the cracks, then I shadowed inside some of the bigger cracks with brow eye shadow, after I took some more white cream makeup to highlight then used more brown shadow to shadow around the highlights.

Step 6: Eye Brows

I used black cream makeup to create thin eye brows.

Step 7: More Cracks

Add more cracks.

Step 8: Eye Shadow

Using gray shadow I added that to my crease, then I used pink shadow for the lid.

Step 9: Eyes

Using white liquid eye liner under my lower lash line, then I used black eyeliner under the white, then I drew on bottom lashes, and put on big false lashes.

Step 10: Body

the body is simple, cover in white, then using silver and black I made a star necklace then I used white body paint to paint on a shear nightgown.

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