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Introduction: Cracked Egg Birdhouse

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I made one of these birdhouses a few months ago but I never made a video or instructable so when I heard Summers Woodworking was running a birdhouse contest on YouTube I made a new version and filmed the process! This is a really simple & fun beginner project, it is made to look like a bird is hatching from an egg every time a bird exits the house and your kids would really enjoy painting the birdhouse!

You will need: White Black Yellow paint

Spray primer

Black spray paint


Jig saw & Mitre saw or handsaw & Fret saw

1.25 inch spade bit



Step 1: Cut Your Materials to Size

  • You will need to cut 5 pieces of wood to make a simple open topped box this will be the main body of the birdhouse.
  • You will need a larger piece of wood that will act as the front of the box
  • Try to use scraps of wood that would otherwise go to the fire or waste wood pile,I used pallet wood and old plywood.
  • I cut the pallet wood pieces to size on my mitre saw.

Step 2: Glue & Screw

  • Lay out your 4 side pieces and add some wood glue along the edges of the pieces
  • I used a clamp to hold the sides firmly together for drilling.
  • Drill pilot holes at each of the corners to stop the pallet wood splitting when you when you add your screws.
  • I added the back part of the box with 4 screws and no glue so I can easily remove the back and clean the interior of the birdhouse if necessary .

Step 3: Make Your Egg

  • Draw out a large egg shape on some scrap plywood.
  • Carefully cut out your egg with a jigsaw or fretsaw
  • I then drilled a 1.25inch hole with a spade bit,you can Google to find out what size hole to drill in your birdhouse to allow different species access to the birdhouse.

Step 4: Join the Egg to the Box

  • Place a bead of glue around the edge of the box.
  • Place the box in position on the back of the egg and clamp it or in my case add some weight until the glue is dry.
  • I added some small nails after the glue was dry for extra security.

Step 5: Prime & Paint

  • I sprayed the whole birdhouse with primer.
  • After allowing sufficient drying time I sprayed the back of the box black
  • I painted the front of the box white.
  • Use a small fine brush and black paint to create the eggshell cracks.
  • I then added some egg yoke leaking from the crack.
  • Create the leak effect by overloading your brush and letting the excess run naturally.

Step 6: Hang Your Birdhouse in a Nice Tree

This was a quick and fun project done with scrap wood so it cost very little to make!Please if you make a version post an ible on how you make yours! I hope you enjoy my video!

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    8 Discussions

    Really Cute Idea for a bird house.....I did notice drill holes on the bottome I assume for ventilation and drainage ...How do you mount the bird house ...what was your plan for that ..Wire in a tree? or slot in back for mounting on a nail on the side of a building?

    I plan to attempt this project ,,just wanted to be clean on the holes in the bottom and how I was going to hang when done....Thank you ...

    2 replies

    Hey kathy i drilled holes just to allow some airflow,some people say its a good idea some people say its not needed.
    I hung the birdhouse with wire,I had not hung it at the time of making the video or ible so didn't include a method of hanging.your idea of using a nail would also work. Thanks for the comment!!

    Long time between Questions......I do not see where you say what the size of the pieces are for the sides and back are....If you could let me know I think I am ready to attempt this project.......thanks

    very cute ideal, I think I will make one. Thanks for your time

    1 reply

    Thank you! If you make one let me know how you get on!!

    Haha eggxactly!! Thanks!