Cracker Barrel Chaos *Solved*

Introduction: Cracker Barrel Chaos *Solved*

In this instructable I will show you my improvement on the classic peg game. You know, the wooden peg game at Cracker Barrel played with 14 wooden pegs (some of which are usually lost when you try to play at Cracker Barrel!). I have solved the problems of always losing pegs while playing (or storing) the game and having pegs knocked off the table when someone bumps the table.

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Step 1: The Supplies

All you will need for this project is:
-peel and stick foam
-magnetic pawns
-a pencil
-a protractor
-x-acto knife
-compass (the math kind, for drawing circles)
-sheet metal
-a dremel with a metal cutting disk

Step 2: Cut the Foam

Use your pencil and protractor to outline an equiangular triangle with 6 inch sides. Then, divide your triangle as shown on the photos below (or more simply, place the 15 pawns in an approximately equal-spaced triangular arrangement). Use your compass to make a small circle around each dot. Cut out the triangle and two more exactly like it.

Step 3: More Cutting

Use your x-acto knife to cut out each circle. Also cut a triangle, a little bit smaller than the foam triangle, out of the sheet metal.

Step 4: Stick to It

Stick the first foam triangle to the second, then, stick that to the metal triangle.

Step 5: The Final Product

Stick the final foam triangle to the other side of the metal, and thats all!

You now have a travel-friendly, portable peg game that doesn't suffer from the missing peg problem so common at Cracker Barrel!


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