Cracking the Combination to a Combo Lock Using a Shim and Numbers




Introduction: Cracking the Combination to a Combo Lock Using a Shim and Numbers

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All you need are these 4 items and your set!

Step 1: Open the Lock With the Shim

Use the shim to open the lock, if you don't know how to make a shim, look at another instructable.

Step 2: Getting Started

Hold the lock so that light shines into the hole, so that you can see the actual mechanism. You are going to look past the locking mechanism to see the combination discs. There are three

Step 3: Finding the Discs

In the picture you can only see two, but you should be able to move the lock around to see the third disc. the easiest disc closest to the hole is the first disc you need to look at.

Step 4: Getting the Numbers (1)

Spin the dial until you see the notch, where even the notch is, the number right on the notch is 1st number you need to record.

Step 5: Getting the Numbers (2)

Next, spin the dial in the other direction until you see the notch and write down that number. Remember, you are writing down the number right on the notch.

Step 6: Subtraction

Now you want to subtract 5 from you 2 numbers and those will be the first two digits to your combination.

Step 7: The Last Digit

Finally, relock the combo lock and reset it by spinning it 3 times clockwise. Then, put the first 2 digits into the lock. Next, you will pull up on the lock at each digit on the dial while spinning the lock clockwise. It should unlock on your third digit to your combination.

Step 8: Your Done!

I used a casehard lock for this instructable, for masterlock there is a much easier solution. If this worked for you, please comment

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I've always known how to crack open combo locks, but never how to get the combination from them. This is great!