Cracklebox (modern Version)




Introduction: Cracklebox (modern Version)

Before the electric keyboard came out you had these:
A primitive version that responded by touching the knobs.
By pushing hard or soft on the knobs, you can change the pitch or tone of the sound coming out of it.
(or select different knob combinations with your fingers, using two or more fingers)

This version has been based on the macbook in technical design. (alu-housing) Two blocks of wood with cut out space in the middle nicely finished with a bit of paint. Removable battery compartment, led indicator and volume control make it the perfect old-school instrument from the old days.

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    3 Discussions


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Even though this instructable has been quiet for a while I'd like to add that the circuit schematics are also available at STEIM should also be mentioned since they invented the kraakdoos.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    How about a step-by-step guide and the schematic? 

    Definitely needs a 1/4" output!!


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    Unfortunately I didn't made a step-by-step instructable, I did not have the time, and I think that probably everone can make this in is own way. And otherwise the photos should tell enough, but if you have any questions Iam happy to answer them all...

    The circuit can be download here, it is in dutch but everone who solderd before can do this. the "bouwinstructies" or building instructions dont tell anything new.

    A few few things I run into:
    -The picture shows a top-side view pcb.
    -The grey spots the represent cuts or removed copper, these are also underneth   the transistor Lm709!!!
    - There is no "wrong-polarity-diode" in de circuitry
    - the volume potentiometer in the picture is not connected!! you have to change the circuitry.
    -the numbers correspond to  the nobs you can touch, they have the follwing order on de crackle box top- side:   (I think, based on video footage compared to my own crackle box...)

      1  O      O    4     (top side view)
       2  O    O    5
        3  O  O    6

    - the cracklebox only works when multiple points are touched, and you do need large surface to touch, it will not work good just by holding the wires between your fingers.

    A "1/4"  or 3,5 mm jackplug is not possible because this will influence the impedance on the speaker output. It also changes the pitch, tone and volume, using a build-mic or just hold it close to one is much easyer....

    Hope this will explain a lot...