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Introduction: Craft Buddy

If you are a crafter or seamstress you know how nice it is to have all of your materials in one place and even better, if they can move with you! Together with my daughter, we have designed the Craft Buddy. It is an apron style organizer with several pockets for supplies and built in ear buds for your music! It even has its own pincushion. It also has a couple of pockets to store your IPod or MP3 player.

Materials Needed:
Denim Fabric
bias tape
tape measure
cotton material scraps

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Step 1: Cut and Prepare Your Fabric

Cut a 42 X 15 piece of denim. Wash and dry to acheive the "frayed" look on all sides.

Step 2: Fold to Find Center

Fold the entire length of fabric to find center line. Mark with chalk(21 inches)

Step 3: Music Player Pockets

Construct a simple pocket and finish the top edge. (I chose to use bias tape). You'll need one small pocket and one middle sized pocket for different size music players.

Measuring up from the bottom of the long piece of denim, sew one pocket on at the 12 inch mark and the other one on at the 13 inch mark. Just eyeball it on the spacing but leave a space in between because later we will be adding a buttonhole here.

Another option: Sew one big pocket on all the way across the 15 inches and just sew a line down the middle to create two pockets.

Step 4: Buttonholes

Measuring up from the bottom, sew one buttonhole at the 12 1/2 inch mark and between the two pockets you just attached. The size of the buttonhole can vary, but just be sure it will fit the earbuds you choose to insert through! (The Craft Buddy I sell will come with a pair of earbuds).

Now, measuring down from the top of the material, sew another buttonhole at about the 18 1/2 - 19 inch mark.

I use a small piece of interfacing or stabilizer on the back where I sew the buttonhole...this makes your life a lot easier!

Step 5: The Pincushion

Right below the front buttonhole(the one you just sewed measuring down from the top - not the one in between the two pockets) you will sew a simple little "pillow" on three sides...leaving the top open so we can stuff with batting a little later. So the pins won't stick us in the tummy when we are wearing our apron, you will need to insert a piece of vinyl in with the batting. I put mine behind the batting right up against the back of the little "pillow" or against the denim. Now you can stuff. Once stuffed, sew the 4th side(top) closed. I used a decorative zigzag stitch and let my edges fray.

Step 6: Folding and Finishing Raw Edges on Short End

Fold entire length of denim in half. This means it will now be 21 inches long. Place the folded end up top and the two raw edges at the bottom. Finsh the two raw edges. (I chose to use wide bias tape for a clean edge)

Step 7: Folding Up the Front Pockets

Now take the finished edge and fold up about 7 or 8 inches to create one big pocket. Your fabric is now kind of in a "tube" shape.

Sew lines for different sized pockets making sure you only sew through the first layer and not all the way through to the back...otherwise you will be sewing through to those pockets you inserted at the first of the project!

You will actually be sewing through 3 layers of fabric since we folded up 2 layers while ago.

Backstitch a few times at the top of the pockets so they'll be sturdy.

Step 8: Clip Your Buttonholes/Insert Earbuds

Carefully clip your buttonholes open and thread the earbuds through so that the earbuds come out the front of the apron. The plug in part will go inside the apron and out the back buttonhole to plug into your device which will sit cozily in the pocket!

Step 9: Add a Belt/sash!

The last thing you will need to do is sew a simple belt/sash out of any material you choose...just make sure it is long enough to confortably tie around your waist. We made ours about 2 - 3 inches wide and double thickness of fabric. Once made, just slip through the apron(right under the foldline) and tie it on! I sewed it on right at the edges for added security. Enjoy making your crafts and sewing while you have everything you need, including your music, right at your fingertips with your "Craft Buddy!"

Step 10: Be Creative!!!

Use any type of pockets you'd like...use funky, fun fabric for your pincushion, add trim or sequins, etc, etc!

My 10 y.o. daughter drew this design on her wipe-off idea board and I did the construction. Here is her original idea all sketched out!

Step 11: Have Fun and My Inspiration!

I'd like to say thanks to my creative daughter...I had so much fun collaborating with you on this project! It just makes me so happy to see my daughter taking interest in creative things. Now let's go make some more fun things!

This item is for sale here:

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    Great idea. I love the inside pocket for the music player. There are many possibilities of course, also. I always desired a wearable purse. This will be a great place to start.