Craft Room Needed

Introduction: Craft Room Needed

I would love to have a space in my house to call my own. My husband has the whole basement to himself plus the garage. I have tons of crafts and projects I would love to start but I don't have the space and environment to inspire me. There are a ton of ikea things I would love to have to build this space. Please choose me!



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    Hello...guess what? I wanted the same thing, and I made it all by myself...haaaa go to my thread and check out my "painted floor". I used my old dining room that we never used. I now have my desktop, my paints, my painting easel and table, and a lot of the old vintage stuff I love. You can do....I did....happy working, frankie

    I have used my dinning room as my sewing room where I do my quilting. I also have spear bedrooms that I could use in the summer months. Living in Minnesota, one needs to stay on the main floor for warmth. If you have a spair room all you have to do is put in cupboards to store your things in, say when you need to use the room for company. If not then just use part of one of your rooms, having cupboards, shelves or shelves for storage, keeping things organized and kept neat will be your main problem.
    Karon Wurst