Craft Stick Katana!

Introduction: Craft Stick Katana!

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Ever wanted a cool katana like in all those ninja movies but didn't have the time or tools? Well, with the craft stick katana, it's an easy build that can be enjoyed by both kids and adults alike!

Note: This instructable is inspired by the book Mini weapons of Mass Destruction:Build and Master Ninja Weapons. If you like this instructable, I highly recommend you check out the mini weapons series. They're great books with projects for all ages.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

Since we are obviously ninjas in need of a new katana, we will have to gather or materials using stealth and cunning...or our powers of persuasion! However you choose to get your supplies, young grasshopper, this is what you need:

• Large Craft Sticks
• Large Cereal Box
• Black Duct Tape (or similar)
• Silver Duct Tape (or similar)
• White Glue
• Hot Glue and Hot Glue Gun
• Packing Tape or Scotch Tape
• Ruler
• Pen
• Extra Cardboard (optional)
• Extra Craft Sticks (optional)
• Paracord (optional)

Step 2: Cut Like a True Ninja

Start out by grabbing your instrument of measurement. Mark out 1 inch rows using your instrument of measurement. Now, draw lines up from your markings, Making columns. Refer to the pictures if you need help. Now, Laminate the box with packaging tape. Grab your sharpest blade (or a pair of scissors!) and cut out the 1 inch strips. Save those scraps! We will be using them later.

Step 3: Know Your Limits!

Measure out 38 inches on your workspace. I marked it out with duct tape. Now lie down enough cardboard strips to measure your distance. Now, measure out another set, staggering it so that it is almost facing the opposite way to improve the strength. White glue the strips together. Now, repeat the step one more time, gluing the strips. Cut one of the ends at a 45 degree angle. Now put weight on the assembly so it dries like it should. Let the glue fully dry. Pass the time practicing your ninja techniques, or maybe the guitar...

Step 4: Strong in the Real Way

Once you have patiently waited for your glue to dry, heat up the hot glue gun. Grab your craft sticks and glue them along the katana, staggering as you go along. Once you get to the end, cut the 45 degree angle off. Stagger a second row on top of the first one. Now, repeat the process for the back.

Step 5: Everything Has It's Importance...

Remember those scraps? Grab them, 'cos they now have a use! Grab the first one. Trim the edges straight. Now, fold it into thirds, or three equal parts. Glue it all together so it's folded as one single piece. Put some weight on it and let it dry. Now take the second scrap. Cut the ends straight. Now, fold it into fourths and cut out each rectangle. Bend each rectangle 90 degrees 2 inches down from the top. Grab your rectangle. Is it dry? Close enough. Put your craft stick blade in the rough middle and trace the general rectangle of it onto the cardboard rectangle. Now, cut out the rectangle. Cover it in your black tape of choice. Congratulations, you've just made your hilt! Now, put it on the blade, about 8 3/4 inches up from the handle. Grab the little fourths you cut out and hot glue them on the handle so they support the hilt. You might want to see the pictures for that. Hot glue the cardboard "supports" to the hilt. Trim the excess and recover the hilt with black tape, covering up the "support" strips of cardboard.

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Wrap the whole handle in tape now. Get a little overhang so you can trim it to cover up the bottom of the handle. This is explained a little better in the pictures. Now wrap the blade in your choice of silver tape. It turns out I had some reflective silver tape in the garage, so I used that instead. This looked awesome, but was totally wrinkly. Be careful. Ta-da! You now have a Katana! You can stop here or go the next step to make a sheath.

Step 7: Optional Goodies

You can make a sheath for the katana! Grab all your extra/optional stuff. Now, tape together craft stick the length of the katana blade. Do this a second time with craft sticks, and two more times with inch wide cardboard strips. put all these down on individual lengths of tape as long as the sheath. Now, put the bits together so this folds into a box. tape the box closed. Now, punch a hole on the open end of the box (Where the katana will go in) and put a length of paracord in. Tie it into a knot so it doesn't slip through the hole. Congrats, the sheath is done! The paracord is to tie around the katana when in the sheath so it doesn't fall out. Other possibilities include wrapping the handle in paracord, adding a strap to the sheath to wear on your back, etc..

Now go show off your ninja skills to the world!

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    I love how you created the 3 dimensional blade. Would definitely look great on anybody's wall.