Craft Area (Ikea Contest)

This is my super crowded and semi-organized craft space.  I do crafty things that I sell on etsy and to other people.  I try to keep it organize but with it being in my living room it can be hard.  I have quite a few storage bins filled with craft supplies and it's hard remembering what I have and where it is.  If I won the gift card i would love to use it in making my area more organize so that I wouldn't feel so overwhelmed.

I've seen some great ideas on ikea hack and most use items from the "as is" section meaning I get more for my money and be better organize to do work.  I would love to add some hanging/wall mount organization so that i can see everything and then also have some under shelving or cabinet  to hold additional supplies but still where i could see them easily.

Also did i mention i sit right by my front door so yeah it doesn't looks so nice when people come to visit and i even have another storage drawer in my dining area filled with supplies.

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    3 years ago

    I always say it's not messy, it just has everything on display...


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have a Crafts room, like yours: messy, things everywhere! So I feel with you. Did you win the contest?

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