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About: Although I love all art in general, some of my favorites include photography, constructing practical stuff out of duct tape, and sewing up a storm. Before buying something I think twice about it, then usuall...
The Crafter's Toolbox is a place where you can store any tool from craft knives to pencils. It is extremely helpful in organizing all of my tools after a big project. This toolbox is simple to make with some everyday supplies, and I created it in under ten minutes.

  • Patterened duct tape
  • Huggies empty wipe box
  • Craft tools to put inside!

Quick and Easy How-to:

Tape the patterened duct tape around the sides of the wipe box. Next, create a duct tape sheet about the length of the top, inside of the lid and that covers about three fourths of the lid. Tape on two sides that measure about 1/2 of an inch wide, and tape the whole pocket around the edges (excluding the top) to the inside of the lid.

You are finished! Dump all your everyday craft tools inside. Here are the contents of my box: needle-nose pliers, small scissors, large scissors, pencil, craft knife, pen, small ruler, etc... I use mine every day and am so thankful to have all my tools easily at hand in one place! You can even store instructions and other useful cards and papers up in the top pocket. I put a color code for some new colored pencils I recently bought in the pocket, along with some other miscellaneous instructions for the care and keeping of art tools. I hope you enjoy your art toolbox! :)




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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I use these containers to store all kinds of things! Very useful.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have some of these saved up! This is a great idea for sewing! Thanks for sharing!