Crafts and Decoration: Night Light Lamp (Tree Model)

Intro: Crafts and Decoration: Night Light Lamp (Tree Model)


Another model of NIGHT LIGHT LAMP for you to choose, another way to decorate your bedroom, make your sleep better and warmer.

Step 1: Materials

Model cover

Hard white cover (mica)

Grass paper (green sandpaper)

Light bulb

Electrical wire


Utility knife




Pen and Ruler

Step 2: Process

. Draw bolder lines

Devide the model cover into 4 parts


. Make the tree Draft the tree on the other side of cover Cut the design Make it look line nature

. Make leaves Make the knife short, draw and cut

. Make a shape (prism box)

Make your draw cover by cellophane

. Make a lamp's top head

Make a Piano (last video)

Stick mica with grasspaper to cover the lamp's head

Stick them on lamp . Make bottom

Cut 2 Mica square fragments, one has lamp's bot size and one is bigger

Stick 2 fragments

Put a CD inside to make the light more beautiful (Optional)

Fit 4 sides of lamp's bottom with 4 similar small mica fragments

. Power

Carve a hole to put wire through

Make a switch and connect to power through electrical wires

Do the same with the letters-lamp I showed you

Step 3: Thanks for Watching

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