Crafty Necklace

Introduction: Crafty Necklace

Gather your supplies (Estimated cost: $15)

a. Knitting Needles (Size: 12mm)

b. T-shirt Yarn/ Any other thicker yarn

c. Scissors

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Step 1: Leave 30 Cm Yarn Tail

Step 2: Make a Slip Knot

Make a Slip knot by wrapping the yarn around your fingers once. Make a fist now, and then take the longer piece of the yarn and pull it through the space between the yarn and your fingers to create a loop.

Step 3: First Stitch

Place the right needle inside this loop and then pull the thread connected to the ball of yarn to tighten the loop around the needle.

a. This is your first stitch!

b. Now, hold this needle in your left hand

Step 4: Second Stitch

To make the second stitch, insert the right needle underneath the left needle. Then take the longer yarn and wrap it around the right needle clockwise.

Step 5: Scoop the Yarn

Scoop the right needle forward with the wrapped yarn and pull it through.

a. This stitch will be on the right needle so now transfer the stitch to the left needle.

b. Now you have two stitches!

Step 6: Third Stitch

For the third stitch insert the right needle between the first and the second stitch. Make sure your right needle is behind your left needle.

a. After both your needles make an ‘X’ warp the longer yarn clockwise, scoop the needle forward and slip the stich to the left needle.

b. This is the third stitch!

Step 7: Fourth Stitch

To make the fourth stitch insert the right needle between second and third stitch and then repeat Step 6 with parts a and b.

Step 8: Time to Start Knitting!

This is the transfer step where you need to transfer each of your stitches to the other needle.

a. Hold the needle with all the stitches in your right hand and insert the tip of your other needle into the top stitch and slide the stitch onto the left needle.

b. Repeat until you have all four of them on your left needle.

Step 9: Twisted Stitch

a. Insert the needle on the back of the top-stitch on the left needle and wrap the longer yarn around the right needle clockwise then pull through and your stitch is ready

b. The stitch should be on the right needle so just slip the left needle down so the stitch will be on the right needle.

Step 10: Purl Stitch

a. Place the yarn in the front of the work

b. Insert the right needle on top of the stitch from right to left.

c. Warp the yarn around the right needle anti-clockwise and scoop the needle backwards.

d. Release the old stitch of the left needle so your purl stitch is also on the right needle.

e. Now, you should have two stitches on the right and two stitches on the left needles.

Step 11: Repeat!

Make another twisted stitch (Step 9).

Then, make a purl stitch (Step 10).

Step 12: Change Hands & Transfer

1. Hold the needle with the stitches in the right hand.

a. Slide all the stitches one by one onto the left needle.

(Note: This is the most important step)

Step 13: Repeat and Repeat!!

Repeat step 9 – step 12 until knitted piece measures around 46 cms.

a. Basic overview: Knit a twisted stitch, purl a stitch, knit a twisted stitch, purl the next one. And finally slide! Repeat!

Step 14: Final Row

1. Once your piece is around 46 cms, its time to make a final row

a. Knit the first two stitches

i. Insert the right needle into the first stitch on the left and then wrap the yarn around clockwise.

ii. Scoop the needle forward and release old stitch from the left needle.

b. Repeat one more time

Step 15: Finishing It Off

1. Once you have two stitches on the right needle, use the tip of the left needle to lift the second stitch on the right needle and pull it over the first stitch on the right needle. Then slip the stitch off.

a. You now have one stitch on the right needle.

2. Repeat step 14 until you have cast off all the stitches on the left needle and have only one stitch left on the right needle.

3. Cut the yarn leaving around a 30 cm tail and then pull the yarn through the loop to secure the last stitch.

4. Your necklace is ready!

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    Penolopy Bulnick
    Penolopy Bulnick

    2 years ago

    Looks like a soft and comfy necklace :)