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This is a great prank, especially if you plan on being around the "victim" all day, and more so if you can record the phone conversation on video! The basic premise is to have a bunch of people call your victim and say that they saw his ad on craigslist for a crate of free Chiquita bananas.

Here's the how to!

Step 1: Gather Accomplices

You have two options for this prank, keeping in mind that the more people that participate the more epic this prank will be.

Option 1: Gather a group of friends that you trust can remember to do simple tasks. Give the cell phone # of your victim to your group, and give them designated times to call that number. Send them the script to read from (see below)

Option 2: Create an actual Craigslist post, under the "general community" subcategory. Ask people to help you prank your friend, by including his/her cell # along with a script of what to say. This option may or may not yield a good outcome, as you may not find anyone willing or too many people willing. But the added fun of anonymity might be worth it!

Here is a copy of the script:

You: Hi, I saw your add on craigslist for a free crate of Chiquita brand bananas. I'm very interested. When can I come pick them up?

Him: (will deny the offer or tell you you've got the wrong number)

You: Come on, I don't want the bananas to go bad. Its hot outside. I need them perfectly ripe.

Him: (still denying he knows anything about the free bananas)

You: You run a hard bargain. Ok, I'll give you two apples as payment for the full crate of bananas. But I really need every single banana in the crate.

Him: (probably getting ready to hang up)

You: Listen, I think two apples is more than fair payment. But if you're still not willing to give me the crate, I'll settle for only the peels. I only want the the ripe peels. Please. But make sure they're ripe. I can even help you eat all the bananas if it'll get me the peels.

Step 2: Texting

This is also an option, and potentially more hilarious because you'll have a record of proof! Simply go along with as much of the script as possible.

Step 3: How to Block Your Number

If you've gone with option 1 and managed to gather a group of friends to make separate calls, you may want to tell them how they can block their numbers so that the "victim" cannot tell exactly who is calling. Instead "Unavailable," "Blocked," "Private," or "Restricted" will show up on the victim's phone. Simply dial *67 before dialing the person's number. This will block the incoming call's information.

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    5 years ago on Step 3

    You forgot the last step: Call your friend up after a few hours and tell him, "Hey, buddy! I need your help. Somebody gave me a s***load of ripe bananas and I need your help to get rid of them before they go rotten!"

    1 reply

    5 years ago

    nvnusman.. nice add


    5 years ago on Introduction

    I am all for pranks but considering the random unvetted people on any public listing that gets hold of a personal or business phone number that you post up.. It could easily turn into harrassment or worse attract criminals.


    5 years ago