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Introduction: Cranberry Brie Bites

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The original recipe called for puff pastry sheets, but several years ago when my DH was helping by going to the grocery store before company arrived, and bought the pre-baked fillo dough cups/shells instead. I didn't have the time to send him back, so I just went with what we had.

Now I always keep these little pre-baked fillo dough cups/shells in my freezer. They are SO versatile! you can stuff them with this or change up the topping....jam, brown sugar, are limited only by your imagination.

I use this as a great afternoon/after school snack finger food

Step 1: Step 1 Original Recipe Followd by MY Fast Easy Changes

This is the original recipe I found on the Internet:

2 sheets of puff pastry
1.5 Cups Cranberry sauce
1 (10 oz triangle of Brie Cheese

Preheat oven to 375°
Cut each sheet into 12 squares and place inside mini muffin cups.
Place 1 inch aquare of cheese inside each cup
Top with about 1 Tablespoon of Cranberry Sauce
Bake until edges are brown (about 10 - 15 minutes
Cool slightly (but not completely) before removing

2 - 4 boxes of PRE-BAKED Mini Fillo Shells
1 Wedge Brie Cheese (I try to find the one without the rind)
1 Can of Cranberry sauce

Step 2: Step 2 Method

Remove the fillo shells from the package and arrange on a microwavable plate.
Add about 1 teaspoon of Brie Cheese. spread to edges of the shell if possible
Top with about 1.5 teaspoon of cranberry sauce

Step 3: Step 3 Bake

Microwave for about 15 - 30 seconds (on high) or just until you see the cheese and sauce "melting"
Cool at least 2 minutes before serving.....and even then warn guests not to just pop one in their mouth (ask me how I know)



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    it most certainly is and it goes wonderful with puff pastry or filo! fruit is really good too, never tried cranberries but apricot is delicious

    oh.....I never thought of apricots. Did you use dried? fresh? preserves? That's making me think about the orange marmalade my daughter's really good, but VERY that would be good too

    well the easiest thing is just pieces of Brie (Camembert works great with apricot as well) with just cubes of dried apricot, they work well together

    although my older half-sister made something similar, a baked brie with apricot paste and that tasted great too :D

    They are SUPER fast to make this way. I like the original recipe as well using the puff pastry, but it's more labor intensive for sure. Try it with other fillings as well.

    Thanks, my DH's mistake turned out to be a good thing!

    Oh, those look wonderful. I bet the brie is just amazing with the tangy cranberries. :D