Crappy Chinese XBOX360 HDD Case Put Together

Introduction: Crappy Chinese XBOX360 HDD Case Put Together

Few days ago i ordered a Custom Xbox360 HDD to put my Savegames and additional files on, for my modified 360. Took UPS a pretty while to deliver the tiny Packag about 180km from the Shop to my home, but when it arrived i was first happy that i finaly had a HDD, yet i was somehow wondering why the package so so slim and light. When I opend the letter like package is was surprised that i had only received a Bulk WD HDD and suddenly was shockt. My first thought was "Did i missread the f****** product information?" After a little checking i've contacted the Shop and promptly had an empty case send to me, this time way faster.
Unpacking this time was still a little frustrating beacause i hoped to receive an Original Microsoft case, but what i got was a crappy and  cheapish looking case, without a manual.
Wasn't a big deal to put the parts together, but since i have a new phone with a decent camera built in and my long intention to make a How-To i decided to document the "construcktion work".

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Step 1: Hard Drive Metal Case

First step is, to build the Hard Drive itself inside the Metal Case.

1. Connect the cable the Hard Drive
2. Slide the Hard Drive with the cable as far as you need for the next step
3. Put the Xbox side of the cable in the hole cut in the bottm part
4. Slide the Hard Drive further inside while holding the Xbox Connctor in place, untill the hole of the Hdd overlap withe those in the case.
5. Put the top part of the metal casing on the other (there is only one possible way like seen on the pictures)
You might want to bend the lower part a little, so there wont be a gap later on (marked in the pictures)
6. Trickiest part, you have to position the Hard Drive somehow, so you can screw the screws in. After the first screw there shouldn't be a problem anymore. I suggest to screw the first 2 screws diagonally to stabilize the case.

Step 2: Put in Plastik Cover Bottom With Locking Mechanism

I dont think i have to describe much on this Step, just watch the pictures step by step and you'll know more than by reading. (ya, i'm lazy ;))

Step 3: Put Everything Together

1. Put the HDD inside the metal case in the top part of the plastik cover like seen in the picture
2. Put top and bottom together, try not to loose the moveable parts of the lower half, and also don't drop the hard drive :D
3. Do a little pressing, until you hear some klicking. Screw in the screws diagonaly.
4. Press a litle more, untill the gaps are gone. Don't forget to do a litle funktion check.

Step 4: Finish

Just tied the HDD few seconds ago, works great, might be a little to noisy and doesnt look good at all. Needs some serious Modding :D Allready got some ideas, might be my next How-To.

If you are wondering if you could update your HDD (it will mostly only work on modded xbox 360's) but there are ways to replace a retail hdd with a bigger one, but it works only with a few drives, mostly WD's.
I know that there might be many unanswered questions, but i am lazy, and if someone reads this and needs to know anything bout xbox, i would like to help out.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    the misengineered nipple for the connector you are talking about contains a hole to put a screw in, that way it won't be loose after assembly. I got my hdd delivered with 5 long screws and 4 short so I'm guessing 1 long screw is for that 'nipple'. The only problem is it's too long so I'll have to shorten it..... damn counterfeit hdd's :)


    10 years ago on Introduction

     As soon as i saw the Glodbären, i knew you were in Germany ;-)

    And i think i also know the shop ;-)