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Hello everybody
This is my first instructable!

I usually end up with a ton of stuff i purchase over the year. Speakers, radio's amplifiers you name it, i have it.
So what to do if you have all that bstuff laying around?

Make a portable radio for your workshop! Because with some music, your other projects will end up being made much faster!

Step 1: Step 1: Looking for Components

During this step, look around your workshop or study room etc. for parts.
The main things you need:

You may wanna use some car speakers or home audio speakers.
I used a 2way speaker box wich i purchased a couple of year ago. It was on sale in a local hardware store.

Car radio:
The easiest way to get music is to use a car radio. It has already a FM radio and the possibilty to play MP3 cd's. In newer versions they also have a USB input. So you can plug in a usb drive with a ton of music-files!

It is called a crate radio, you can make it in any size you want, as long as it fits all of your components!


i used a PC power supply. It has the necessary 12V DC power you need for the carradio!
Wires screws paint. Anything you need to complete the box and hook up your system!

Step 2: Step 2: Designing

Since i am using the boombox, i had to deside if everything is in the boombox itself, or in a small box beneat.
I had some wood laying around, so i decided to use this for a small box underneath the boombox. This gave me more room for the power supply and other things i had in mind

Step 3: Protected Circuit

I found a nice little bit of electric to help me make it more portable!

This allows me to switch between the pc power source and a 12v battery!

If the power gets below 11,4 Volts, the circuit switchs to the power supply, and makes sure the battery gets to be loaded.

Step 4: Putting It Al Together

connect al the wires correctly.
Make sure you solder the wires neatly ,do not use any type of screws to connect them.
Soldering makes it a more reliable connection. I also used shrink tubes to cover up the connections


Step 5: Done, Play Your Music!

Test it before you close up the  box!

To make it more portable i put some small wheels beneath it. you don't want to lift it because of the heavy batteries and what not!

After testing , connect your main leads, and play themusic ll day long!!



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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago on Introduction


    nice Box! I want to build one too, but don't know how to connect the PSU with a battery. the schemantic is nice, but could you make some more pictures pls?

    1 reply

    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    unfortunately the whole schematics with the battery and all are discarded.

    The radio is now on a shelf, where it will sit for the rest of its life. It does not need to be portable anymore, i just hook it up to the mains outlet (220v)

    One small problem, the radio need a constant 12v supply for its setting to remember. It doesn't bother me at all.