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Last time I went to visit my Granny Farm I found some old crates in the back yard, so I visualize that could be useful to make some furniture to Organize all my bloody mess.
My First intention was to make aChest to my Tools, but when it was finished I decided to store all My Glassware, and it Looks Great.

En la ultima visita a la Granja de mis abuelos rescate del fuego unas viejas cajas de madera, en muy mal estado y decidí darle un ultimo uso en vez de terminar en las cenizas.
Mi Intensión era la de guardar herramientas pero con unos apliques forjados y un buen seguro resulto siendo un bonito gabinete para guardar alguna cristalería.

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Step 1: Stuff.

Croase wood crate.
Plank, Board 1 mt X 20, That depends of the size of the crate.
Krylon Spray Varnish.
Steel sheet.

Dremel Rotary tool.
Tape measure.
Blow Torch.
T Ruler.

Step 2: Clean, Sand, Doors,Divisions.

Take a measure of the entrance and find a table that fits. I did two divisions and two doors.
Fortunatelly i Found too, an Old Metal Fiitings from an Old wood Door.
In this case I used two boards of 30 x 80 cms for the doors.
Place the hings and made in steel sheet two basic shapes to cover the hinges and give some old style.
Primero que todo asegure y pegue las juntas revise q no estuviera con bichos de madera, la limpie , lije, inmunice, tome la medida de la entrada y corte las divisiones y las puertas con un viejo serrucho,no es mejor que esta herramienta 0(pero funciona. utilice Bisagras comunes para asegurar las puertas y para darle un toque rustico, con la ayuda de el cincel corte unas formas básicas en lamina de metal, que cubrían las bisagras originales, finalmente instale un herraje antiguo de portón para asegurar las puertas.

Step 3: Bisagras. Hings.

Step 4: Varnish.

Once finished apply sealent  Sand and Varnish.

Step 5: Install.

Find a nice place to Install it and drill some holes in the wall. I drill 6 holes and screw it with Dry wall screws.
I´m gonna better my Black smith skills and submit another Ibles about that.
Until the next ible. It will be very soon.

Es una forma simple y sencilla de utilizar esas viejas cajas de madera que abundan en cualquier parte, los herrajes les dan un toque rustico y elegante, estoy afilando mis aptitudes en Herraje y forja y este es el primero de muchos Ibles de Herrería.
Espero les guste califiquen y voten y hasta el proximo Ible.

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    12 Discussions


    4 years ago

    That's just incredible! You have some serious building and visionarie talent. very nice!

    I am in the shed!

    7 years ago on Step 5

    El Sr. Sánchez ... Yo te saludo! Me gustaría saber cómo conseguir el color y el acabado de la misma que usted tiene, ¿Hay un tinte o barniz se utiliza aquí, o es sólo arena y barniz Krylon spray?
    (Mr. Sanchez... I salute you! I would like to know how to get the colour and finish the same as you have, Is there a dye or woodstain used here, or is it just sanded and Krylon spray varnish?)

    2 replies
    Mr.SanchezI am in the shed!

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 5

    I think the rustic style was given cause the wood its too Old.I used different tapes of sand paper, then I just added a few drops of walnut in thinner and with a piece of fabric apply this mix all over the cabinet, Finnaly apply the clear varnish..
    Stay tuned for the upcoming furniture contest, I will clarify this and another doubts.
    Thanks for the comment and pls forgive my bare English skils.

    I am in the shed!Mr.Sanchez

    Reply 7 years ago on Step 5

    No hay necesidad de disculparse amigo, el Inglés no es su lengua materna, su habilidad está en la producción de madera bien!.
    Bien hecho - unstructable bueno, muchas ganas de ver más, Gracias

    (No need to apologise friend, english is not your first language, Your skill lies in producing good woodwork!.
    Well done - good unstructable, looking forward to seeing more, Thank you).


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very well done indeed and thanks for posting in both languages!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    That looks so good, very old fashioned looking and rustic. Nice work!


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Very nice cabinet! I really like the latch. I'd like to make some. I do a little blacksmithing here and there. I was trying to figure out how the right hand side works. There's some kind of ring there, but how does it connect to the wood? Is there a nail that goes through that? Does the latch rely on the swing of the door to open?

    I know you didn't make the latch but it would be neat to know.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    In Fact I made the Rustic Hinge just draw the shape in a metal sheet and with the chisel I cut it off, bu¡t those are really fake it doesnt have the function as a hinge, just give to the cabinet a Rustic style.
    Thnks for your kind coments.
    Rated and vote.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    En verdad resulto un muy buen mueble, como dato curioso esa caja contenía dinamita hace muchos años cuando estaban construyendo las vías de el Tren.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    Muchas personas pagarían un montón de guita por uno de esos! (Many people would pay a lot of dosh to buy one of these!)