Craven Box -- Halloween Themed Robots

Introduction: Craven Box -- Halloween Themed Robots

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At Halloween all monsters roamed around the city. Once found peoples, they would trick or treat for candy and toys. But Craven Box always stayed alone at a corner, and if anyone passed by him, he would be so scared that he could not stop shivering. However people didn’t know Craven Box. When suddenly saw a box shivering, they would give it candy because they thought it was as naughty as other monsters.

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Step 1: Part List

Step 2: Constructing Steps: 1、The Craven Box

Step 3: Constructing Steps:2.The Mechanical Structure in It.

Step 4: The Assembled Structure,and All the Parts

Step 5: The Base Frame Construct

Step 6: Assemble Conponent in Fig.1 and Fig.2 Complete the Fig.3 Structure.

Step 7: Complete All Mechanical Structure Follow the Figures Below.

Step 8: Assembly

Step 9: Complete

Halloween is coming! Aren't you excited?! Lately in our labs, We concocted up 8 new magic demons with my lab assistants and we are going to let them out to make some trouble in the night! If you want to know other monsters,

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