Crawdad Appetizer

Introduction: Crawdad Appetizer

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Have you ever had crawdad in a big bowl? well if you want the culinary perfection of that this is the dish for you!

"crawdad" is what I call crayfish, crawfish, mudbugs, freshwater lobsters or any other name

Step 1: Photo Contest!

get the profile pic of one of the instructables staff or a significant instructables member and put it on the crawdad

you could win a 3 month instructables PRO membership!

Step 2: Catch a Crawdad!

catch a crawdad in a creek near you!

Step 3: Ingredients


  1. two or three crawdads
  2. lots of spices

tools needed

  1. a knife
  2. a pot of water

Step 4: Kill the Crawdad

since we aren't boiling the crawdads whole we need to kill the crawdads. just a swift chop of the head should do it but it still will move a bit.

Step 5: Cut Off Its Tail and Claws

cut off the back of the crawdad or its "tail" then cut off its claws

Step 6: Take Off Its Exoskeleton

Step 7: Boil Water and Cook Meat

get a pot of water and get it boiling (it's not boiling in the picture) then put the meat in

Leave it in for 4-5 minutes

Step 8: Spices!

get a whole bunch of spices and put it in the water, I used garlic powder, lots of salt, chile powder and chives (chives not recommended)

Step 9: Presentation!

get a plate a piece and put the boiled meat on it and add a piece of wild spearmint. (also smear some bbq suace on the plate)

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    5 years ago

    crawdads, crawfish or crayfish are super tasty! nice write up sounds delicious.