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Introduction: Crayon Art

Have you ever found yourself looking for something to fill the blank space on your walls? Do you want something fun and crafty to do with your children or friends? Crayon art is perfect for you. It's cheap, easy, and can be completed in a few simple steps. 

Step 1: Materials

Make sure you have all the right materials. To make any crayon art, you will need just a few supplies:
• Canvas (the bigger the size, the more wax drippings you will be able to have) (pre-framed is easier to work with)
• 24 pack crayons (depending on the size of canvas you use or how big you want your design, you may want a bigger selection than a 24 pack)
• Newspaper (to keep wax off table – NOTE: crayon wax stains!!!)
• Glue (hot glue gun works best, dries fastest)
• Pencil (if you are going to outline a design)
• Hair dryer (with a "hot" setting)                                                 

 Extra hot glue sticks for glue gun

Step 2: Setting Up and Selecting Your Canvas

Designate a work area that is big enough for all your materials and that you can easily move around. Make sure you have an electrical outlet nearby for the glue gun and hair dryer.

You are also going to want to make sure that there isn’t anything important nearby that could get crayon wax on it.

Select a canvas size. The bigger the canvas, the more room you have to work with, and the more colors and drip marks you will be able to have. After you have selected a canvas size, you need to cover your work area with newspaper so as to not get the crayon wax on anything except the canvas.

NOTE: the crayon wax will splatter and stain!!! Make sure anything important is removed from the area or covered with newspaper. You may want to wear a smock or wear old clothes to prevent the wax from getting on your clothes.

Step 3: Design

There are a million different designs you could use with crayon art. Simply choose a design you want to follow, and sketch it lightly with a pencil on your canvas. You can choose a design, or do a simple line across the top of the canvas. The steps to do this are pretty similar to any design regarding how to glue, but instead you glue them along one edge of the canvas with the point of the crayon pointing toward your canvas.

Step 4: Colors

After you have a light outline of your design on your canvas, take the crayons out of the box and decide which colors and what color sequence you are going to use. You can also break them in half to cover more area or peel the wrappers off to help them melt faster and have more splatter. It’s up to you. You can’t go wrong with these projects because they are all unique and will all look different. If you just do a straight line, just arrange the color pattern you want.

Step 5: Glue Gun

Plug glue gun in. BEWARE: glue gun parts are HOT, and the hot glue coming out of them is… HOT!

Step 6: Arranging

Arrange crayons in color sequence of your choice and lay them out on the canvas. If you chose to break them in half or unwrap the crayons be sure to have this done before you have them arranged on the canvas.

Step 7: Gluing

The glue gun should be hot by now, and you should have all of your chosen crayons arranged how you want them to appear on your canvas. We recommend taking off only a couple of crayons at a time because the glue dries so quickly. Squirt the hot glue onto the canvas and quickly place crayon on glue line. Continue doing this until all your crayons are glued!

Step 8: Unplug the Glue Gun

Be sure when you are finished gluing to unplug the glue gun. If you do not, glue will continue to melt and drip everywhere.

Step 9: Plug Hair Dryer In

After you have all your crayons glued onto your canvas, you can plug in your hair dryer. Make sure you choose a hair dryer with a hot setting.

Step 10: Melting

Turn the hair dryer on a high heat setting and angle the blow dryer in the direction you want the wax to drip. Also, tilt the canvas in the direction you want the wax to drip.

Step 11: Dry

Once you’re happy with the mess you’ve made, set it somewhere safe and let it dry!

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