Layered Crayon Candles




Do you have dull, broken, old crayons laying around?
Do you want to light up four home with a fragrances of your own?
You can make your own candle, or make some and give them as gifts.

Step 1: Gather All Your Materials

-Crayons, colors of your choice, and about 8 to 10 crayons will do

-A jar about the size of a palm, depending how many candles you want to make

-Candle wicks or string if you are unable to find candle wicks

-A block of crèME(white) candle wax

-Candle scented wax

-Quite a few small Dixie cups

-A microwave is useful

-Double stick tape or adhesive

-A mixing utensil, we used pencils in this case, popsicles sticks are recommended

-Parent or guardian supervision

-A knife, not too big, probably a small butter knife (optional if you can't break it with your hands)

Step 2: Breaking

Pick out the crayons you want, we used eight crayons, two crayons for each layer of color

Then you're going peel off all the wrapping off of the crayon. Warning, this will take a few minutes.

It's best if you start stretching now because now, you're going to have to use all your muscles, and break all your crayons in half, so that they fit in the Dixie cups better.

Then for the number of layers you want is the number of pieces you evenly break to your scent into.

Then break some pieces of wax too, and since the wax makes of most of the candle, you'll use a good amount of wax.

Step 3: Into the Cup We Go

Each color will gets it's own cup.

Since we did four layers, we used four cups each.

Then separate your crayons colors and put them into the cup with the wax and a piece of the scent, evenly.

And we put two crayons in each cup.

Step 4: Heat It Up

Now that you have everything prepared, take one cup and put it in the microwave for 1-3 minutes.

While that heats up, find your double stick tape, and cut a piece of string, longer than your jar.

And wrap the string on one side of the double stick tape, and stick it to the bottom of the jar, as shown in the picture.

Step 5: Almost Done

After you put the string or wick inside your jar, your wax, should be done. So, take your mixture out of the microwave and mix it until it's all the things are liquid. And if your wax, or anything else, isn't completely melted and you can't mix it in, try to put it in the microwave for another minute or so. If your dixie cup looks like it's getting weak, put your cup in another cup.

When you have your mixture, you can now pour it into the jar carefully. While you're pouring, make sure your string/wick is still in the center. Then you can place it into the freezer. And wait until it's done cooling.

Step 6: Repeat Repeat Repeat

While the first layer is cooling all you have to do it repeat, steps 4 and 5. Until you get your designated numbers of layers. And you're done!

Step 7:

You can make the candles any color you want, even coordinated them, yellow orange, red, and brown, for the fall. You can even make slanted layers like in the video link below.



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