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About: Hello everyone, my name is Ashley. I am a mother of 2, I love to try my hand at crafting. I love natural living and repurposing anything. I am new here and I hope you like my entries.

I love all of the crayon tutorials posted everywhere but I am not a fan of gluing the crayon to the canvas and leaving it there. I would rather have a picture that looks like artwork especially if you are giving it as a gift. My kids and I enjoyed making these and I hope you do too.


Step 1: Gather Materials


  • Canvas
  • Black Acrylic Paint
  • Printout of whatever picture you want
  • Crayons
  • Heat tool or blow dryer
  • Plastic or something to keep the area from getting messy

First gather your materials. Select an image you would like to use for a silhouette. Print it out, then cut it out carefully in order to save the paper outside the image because that is what you will be using.

Step 2: Preparing Your Picture

So the pictures themselves can be tossed out. You will use the outside of the paper (the part you usually throw away).

Step 3: Paint

Lay the outline flat ( you can tape it down if that helps) and paint.

Once painted they should look like this. Let them dry.

Step 4: Melt Crayons

Cover your image, you can use lightly sticky tape, a cup, or plate. Pretty much anything that will let you get close to the image but not allowing any crayon to drip on it.

Now pick the color(s) you would like and use the blow dryer to melt the crayon on the canvas. This does take a few moments to get started and it can get a little messy. If you are doing this with a child make sure they keep their fingers away from the front of the blow dryer as it can be hot. I made me son hold it at the tip above the heat.

Repeat that until you are satisfied with the amount of color. You can use the blow dryer to smooth out the crayon by placing it close to the canvas and letting the colors run together.

Step 5: Let Dry and Admire

Let everything dry and that's it. Thank you.



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12 Discussions

Athul Krishna

3 years ago

I dont have a hair blower.What should I do?

Your art is so beautiful.And I have voted for you.Expecting such instructable from you.Thank you

1 reply

Thank you. You will need a hair dryer to get the blown kind of effect that I have in these pictures but to melt the crayon you can put the crayon in a glue gun to get more of a line of doted effect. You can use a long lighter( the kind used for grill cooking). A heat lamp can also be used or just a regular light that produces a lot of heat. pretty much anything with heat can be used to melt the crayons. I hope this helps and good luck with your crayon art :)


3 years ago

Ashley! I love these, great job! Fun to see you on Instructables too! :) Love the crayon art, I will have to try it out someday too!

1 reply

Thank you. You should, it is really easy and fun to make. Plus you would do an awesome job.