Crayon Carving of an Instructables Robot




Introduction: Crayon Carving of an Instructables Robot

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I always wanted to do a miniature carving from a crayon. I figured now is the time. The trick to this was moving slowly and carving just a little at a time with a small exacto knife


Pointy exacto knife
Liner paint brush
Acrylic paint
Fine wire
Wire snips/pliers

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Step 1: Cutting the Crayon

The trick is moving slowly and only cutting a little at a time. Also... don’t cut hard into the body of the crayon or it will break. It is easy to shave the edges just a little at a time

Step 2: Adding Arms

The arms were a bit wider then the crayon body, so I melted a crayon with a candle and stuck a couple chunks to the sides to add material. One drip goes a long way at this scale.

Step 3: Paint and Antennae

I carved the painted features with the exacto knife but painting them with a fine liner brush helped.

I also added antennae with a very fine wire. I held it with jewelry pliers in a candle flame then sunk the wire into the side of the head. I then snipped them to length.

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    Brilliant idea, WOW!!