Crayon Lipstick ;D




Introduction: Crayon Lipstick ;D

Here's how to make completely safe & non toxic lipsticks by using crayons. Yes! Crayons!(;

Step 1: The Things You Will Need:

1. Crayons of your choice 2. 1/2 tsp of any type of oil (olive, almond, jojoba, etc.) 3. Vaseline or Shea butter 4. Stick to stir with 5. Small container 6. Heat source (like a candle or a stove top) 7. Metal spoon to heat ingredients in

Step 2: Pick Your Colors!

In this case I'll be mixing these three colors for a peachy orange color (; Break your crayons & put them in your spoon (**For One Whole lipstick tube you only need HALF of a crayon**)

Step 3: Add in Wet Ingredients

Now you'll add 1/2 tsp Oil & just a dab of Vaseline to your Spoon

Step 4: Heat It Up

Put your spoon above the heat, this will take around 2 minuets to completely melt, it may take longer if your crayon pieces are bigger Stir continuously while it melts for a better mixture (:

Step 5: Almost Done (;

Now put it in any container like, an old Chapstick or lipstick tube. I just used an old contact case for mine :p

Step 6: Let It Stand

Leave your freshly made lipstick out on a flat surface to solid for about half an hour just to be super sure it's solid & you're Done! There are various color combos you can try here are two of my favorites <3 Have Fun!



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Great project! I am going to tweak it a bit since I do not like petroleum products on my lips. I love the colour choices you made. It would have been nice to know which crayons you used.

Can we use vegatable oil?

Amazing it works . i used red

Is the texture feel like the texture of vasaline?

Its so cool


2 years ago

Can I use cra z art crayons?

hey I was listening to npr and it said that even Crayola said do not make makeup out of our crayon

What if we over do the oil?

Can i make this with like a tube of clear lipgloss intead of vaseline and oil?

1 reply

I made this a couple days ago, and after it hardened I had a hard time getting any of it on. How do I fix this? :(

1 reply