Crayon Melt Art





Introduction: Crayon Melt Art

Step 1: Supplies

At least one container of crayons depending on canvas size
Hair dryer or heat gun
School glue
Your imagination

Step 2: First

Put your news papers down under your canvas to prevent spillage then arrange and glue the crayons in the place of your choice

Step 3: Second and Last

Use to heat gun or hairdryer to melt the crayons and watch the streams of vibrant colors flourish on the canvas until the your done

Ps found the most controllable technique is to have low air speed lay it flat and tilt your canvas to control the melting crayon rivers



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    3 Discussions

    This sounds like a neat technique but it would be nice to see the process used to create an original piece. The eye image you have here is the first thing that pops up on google images when you search "rainbow drip eye". It's important not to use another artist's work without permission when building an Ible, as well as reflect the true results of your process.

    I too was hoping to find out how to make the original piece ( 'flowers' on black canvas)


    3 years ago

    Looks Awesome