Crayon Melting Art




Introduction: Crayon Melting Art

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This is the crayon melting art. its all over the internet so i decided to try it out. it cost me about $30 for all the materials and the heat gun i had already. if kids involved please use care with the hot glue gun and heat gun VERY HOT.

Step 1: Crayon Melting Art

Materials you need are as shown:
  • One canvas (I used a stretched one with wood frame)
  • Hot glue gun
  • glue sticks for glue gun
  • crayons ( I used a 96 pack you dont need them all)
  • Heat gun*******use with caution very hot******

Step 2: Crayon Melting Art

Sort out crayons in order you wish or color coordination. 

Step 3: Crayon Melting Art

begin gluing crayons with glue gun after sorting crayons. i did mine from left to right and glue them so the crayola logo was showing as seen. again glue very hot.

Step 4: Crayon Melting Art

When all are glued it is time to use the heat gun and begin to melt the crayons. put heat gun on lowest setting so that its not blowing to hard. make sure you set the canvas kinda vertical so it will drip down.

Step 5: Crayon Melting Art

go nice and slow and get the dripping that you would like you will find that you need to blow more down then straight at the crayons for more dripping affect.

Step 6: Crayon Melting Art

Once you melt the crayons the way you like let canvas sit for about 2 minutes then is will be cool and ready to show everyone.

Step 7: Crayon Melting Art

Hang on your wall or make a frame for it and people will love it and fun for kids to just have to be very careful thanks \m/




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    What keeps the melted crayon from cracking once it has dried? Do you spray the finished product with any type of adhesive or finishing spray?

    What keeps the melted crayon from cracking once it has dried? Do you spray the finished product with any type of adhesive or finishing spray?

    I used a hair blow dryer and it turn out nice

    1 reply

    Do you need to seal it with anything when you are done?


    4 years ago

    Love it

    How do one stock this art. I have made one but i dont want dust to settle down on it. What are options any spray or framing is the only option

    All black crayons with 1 ref crayon would look really cool.
    Or paint the background black and use all white with a bright crayon would look nifty as well.

    That's epic, also, I've come across some crayon paintings on deviantART before in which someone stuck a crayon in a glue gun, and dripped the melted crayon onto whatever substrate they were using.

    I too have seen these, but some how seeing it as your instructable gave me a bright (possibly sunflower yellow) idea! Well done! :)

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