Crayon Melting (art)




Introduction: Crayon Melting (art)

This is a project I decided to do on a weekend just cuz I was bored, and felt like making some art. I got the idea from a whole bunch of youtube videos I saw about it. But I did it in my own way.

Step 1: Materials

Canvas (painted)
hot glue gun
paint brush
And Hair dryer (which I dont have a pic of)

Step 2: Getting Started

First you should paint your canvas if you choose to do so, I choose black so that the colors pop. It also fits in with my decor better than a white canvas.

Step 3: Line Up

Then you want to line up your crayons in the order you want to glue them. I chose the ROYGBIV pattern.

Step 4: Glue On

Then you want to hot glue the crayons on the canvas. I choose this style and pattern. You can do all sorts of funkiness by making them in a heart pattern or vertical line. Its all up to you and your preference, and creativity.

Step 5: Melts Your Heart (final)

Then you want to melt your crayons. You can pretty much make a design from the blow dryer blowing one way or another. I decided to have it just go straight down, due to I like the look of it.  After this you just let it dry and hang it up the next day. I have a video of the melting...

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8 years ago on Introduction

I like the black canvas look as well. There are several versions of crayon art on Instructables including my own which is slightly different. I really enjoy working with this medium in alternative ways. You've given me an idea for using a black surface and dripping the bright colors on randomly... going to have to try that... Thank you for sharing


8 years ago on Introduction

I love that you prepped the canvas black first, looks very cool! I have also been thinking about doing something similar, you may have inspired me!