Crayon Wax Seal



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Step 1: Things Required

You need,
Crayon of your choice
Craft knife
Coin or any stamp
A copy with plastic sheet
A stove or lighter ( I used stove)

Step 2: How To

Chop ur crayon and heat it up on stove or over lighter.
Let it cool down a bit, mine came correct in 3 trials.

If you mess yours one up you can simply reheat your crayon.

Once slightly cool, ( not to runny) pour over

Place a coin and let cool.

Press a little if your coin is not heavy.

Step 3: Mistakes

I tried heating the wax with lighter directly, but it resulted in slight burned finger.
Plus it didn't made a strong impression.
Then googled it a little bit and found the idea of using spoon.

This project is inspired by thistle and leaves wax seal trick.



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