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Introduction: Crazy Art

So I was looking at some of those million dollar paintings and I was shocked at how ugly and simple some were. so I decided to give it a try. this is a very fast, easy, and fun way to make a million dollar work of art!!also to check out a whole bunch of my other art check out my facebook page by typing in- col tenoutoften art -in the facebook search box!!!

Step 1: Materials

1.a brush 2.paint 3.a painting board 4. paper 5. scissor

Step 2: Prep

start by cutting the paper into squares of various sizes

Step 3: Get to Work

I started out by painting my board pure black but you can do various colors of your choice. then start mixing various colors and apply it onto a sheet of paper you put the painted side of the paper onto the painting board. keep doing this until the entire board is covered.(please note this will get messy)

Step 4: Finishing

once the entire board is covered its time to reveal your masterpiece! Do this by taking off all the paper you put on the board.make sure to let it dry which might take a few hours or even a few days depending on how much paint you used. finally hang it so everyone can see it!!!!



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    That's really quite nice!

    I can make scribbles too. :)